Whacking in the Camper

One of my favorite topics, Whackers. Today we talk about Whackers, one in particular who crashed a dead police officer’s funeral while impersonating a cop himself.
What is it about some people?
Since the recording of this episode It has been brought to my attention that the name “Nguyen” is pronounced “win”. Although I am familiar with the name, I don’t think I have ever noticed it in print before. Sorry to anyone that may have taken offense to that one…

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  1. Great Episode… sounds like our ARES group here,,, The sad thing is that the ARES group is trying to force the local CERT team to be subordinate to and report to COARES! Taking a trained first-response group and making them report to the Whackers! This ARES group has vandalized a now defunct LAUREL VE group, because they dared to “compete” with them on testing. I will stop now, cuz I’ll get all wound up going on about these worthless shits!

  2. Sorry… meant the LOCAL laurel group is defunct… NOT the entire organization….

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